Thanks for spying on me!!! Because of your letters (and amazing generosity to my Shop's Top Ramen Fund, I'm reprioritizing this page to include HUNDREDS of shoots, both the full size galleries that eluded the last version of this page, as well as a bunch of new and old shoots NEVER BEFORE SEEN!

I plan on updating the live version of this site, page, or linked galleries once a week until it's all up, but BE PATIENT! Some links may be misdirected or not available yet, and in the end it will all be connected as a big ol' slide show, but for now I'm still working on it!!! All updates to this page or site in general are now posted on my UPDATE PAGE, so get off my case and stalk me a little quieter please... Hahaha

FOR EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PREVIEWS AND RARE OUTTAKES, simply donate to my Paypal Ramen Fund through the SHOP and the e-mail address you use will be showered with one sneek peek or outtake of my choice for each $10 donated!

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NEW SINGLE GALLERIES:   (to be connected later!)