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Photos: Marc Mez

This was the first of a billion photo shoots I did with Marc and I love it because it's so "homemade" looking. He "discovered" me in the old Melrose record store, Vinyl Fetish. I was a bit nervous to shoot with someone outside the safety of an agency booking, so we did it in my friend's overgrown backyard with just one light. I decided beforehand the theme would be some kind of bride-back-from-the-dead thing. The dress was an old Helter Skelter club outfit I had kicking around, the wig was a mistake purchase Retail SLUT bought and gave me on the condition I never wear it around them because they said it was too hideous to look at, and I shaved my eyebrows off to make the eyes seem creepier. There is another gallery of this shoot on black and white film without the wig.