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Wild horses wielding large axes and breathing acid could not keep me from asking a few questions, Molly.

Q - Speaking of charity, what is the largest or greatest random act of kindness you have committed and why did you do it (it's only random to other people, we all know basically why we do things)?

A - I think random acts of kindness should never be boasted upon or it defeats the selflessness of it all, but I'd like to think that every time I do my makeup BEFORE getting in the car, I'm saving untold lives, Allen (maybe even yours). : )

Q - What scares you more than anything in the world?

A - Total success or total failure -- I'm pretty comfortable with any shade of gray in between.

Q - Why can't ninjas and pirates just get along? (sorry, it's a bit plebeian)

A - Because they simply have NOTHING in common! Ninja's don't understand why pirates wear so much extra crap to get caught on things like flying ninja stars or loose rooftop tiles, and pirates can't understand why ninjas have to have normal day jobs to hide their secret identities and pay the bills (because most ninjas I know work for honor, not booty). Duh.

Q - Let's just say I'm recruiting for a band of vigilantes to roam the streets and highways righting wrongs. Why would Molly Brenner be a good candidate? (other than being a crack shot)

A - Alright, Allen. You know my *secret new endeavor* so you know I have to be careful how I answer this, but... I have a deep sense of fairness to bring to the job, a love of helping out, I'm quick thinking, tough, and quite inconspicuous. Plus, maybe I'd get to wear a beret with a star on it or a cape and spandex - well, there goes "inconspicuous!"

Boxcar Collision

Q - "How does it feel to be the sexiest woman alive?!!??"

A - Gee, thanks for the unsolicited question, Ashlee!!!  (Now where do I mail that check to?)



Q - "What brand-name designers do you love? Or do you like to make sure you're your own brand name?"

A - [This space available to the first designer to send me something for free!] Brand names aren't important to me, just quality, fit, and design concept. The clothes/costumes I construct are simply things I wish were available, but aren't -- I'd much rather pull it off a rack and wear it right then than slave over my own needle and thread! I've never understood paying to advertise for others by wearing their visible logos, so if I did begin to design my line for the general public, I think I would consciously avoid becoming a "brand name" myself.

Jackie Sandals

Q - Tabloids and fan magazines have a reputation for writing untruthful stories about those in the public eye. What is the most outrageous lie or distortion that has ever been written and published about you?

A - Great question, but I'm afraid you're wasting it on me! I've been pretty fortunate to remain under the radar for the most part, but I never appreciate being categorized as a fetish model and am particularly offended by a photographer by the name of Christine Kessler took a clean fashion shoot with me and put it up as a teaser thumbnail for her paid trash sites as if after you paid your money to be a member, you'd see something revealing or kinky, but I assure you all, you're wasting your money if you're there to see me. That's not the only person to use my name and face to try and get ahead in the world -- there's still some crappy band out there claiming I was a former member, and I get MySpace profiles torn down regularly that are using my pictures as if they are me. Outrageous, no - but annoying, YES.


Q - What is that killer music on your MySpace page? I dig the harpsichord sound.

A - Malice Mizer's "Beast of Blood."  They were a visual rock band from Japan, recently broke up after three singers, but I think this is my favorite song (and singer) of theirs.  The video is great too.


Q - How can I find love in this day and age?

A - The cliff notes answer is that so much of meeting someone is up to chance, and the only thing you really can do is to be ready - whether you are actively seeking her or just happen to rear end the right car in traffic. Use this remaining single time wisely! Have a great "date outfit" on standby. Have several kinds of "date plans" thought out. Get your house/life/self into the kind of shape that you could show off to a potential Miss Right.

I always tell the girls in this situation to never leave the house without make-up and a cute outfit on because even future husbands go to the car wash! The same is true for you. You don't know where your dream girl will be today, but are you ready to meet her today? No story ever starts with, "Honey... remember when I first laid eyes on you and thought you looked like a homeless prostitute and just HAD to go up to you and ask for your phone number??   Well, I love you..."

It's a bit of a fake-it-and-you-make-it philosophy and a bit of the Secret's Law of Attraction. When you put forth the effort and you are truly ready for opportunity to knock, you feel better about yourself, you build confidence, security, independence, then you get noticed more and your friends look at you a bit differently -- which could lead to them setting you up with their gorgeous sister or something!!!

Then to be more proactive, you could benefit from being in an environment that your dream girl would likely be. You just have to figure out WHO you want (what KIND of girl) and sleuth out where does that type of girl go?? Brainy girls are in the bookstore, fashion plates at the mall, party girls in the bar - essentially every girl goes out, unless you want a shut-in, then you may have to be a door-to-door salesperson to snag one of those!

For instance, the dog park could be a great place for a woman to find a man because a man with a dog shows that he has the capacity for love, responsibility, and generosity because he's taking time out of his life to care for something like a dog (or maybe a girl?). It shows that he doesn't have it all together because he obviously doesn't have a yard of his own for the dog yet so he'd be good for an up-and-coming girl, and it's a GREAT place to start a totally normal, audible conversation without the meat market time constraint of the bar's "last call" (so she could determine whether or not she even liked him).

Besides the fact that the kind of dog he has says so much about his personality before she's even talked to him. To over-generalize for a moment, PitBulls could be for guys with Napoleon complexes and aggression issues whereas a one-eyed pound mutt is for the kind of guy that likes to "save" creatures in need (which is fine if she is forevermore a creature in need but they may not like her so much when her problems are gone). These are generalizations, but you understand.

Get READY and keep your eyes peeled - she's somewhere out there right now!!! Maybe she'll even click on your photo link here!


Q - If I gave you a tie would you wear it?

A - Only if I would look half as cute as you in it.

Vertigo Blue

Q - What is your favorite animal? Why?

A - Is this one of those psychological tests where I divulge my secret self-analysis?? Well, anyway... giraffes I think. They are so awkward and out of place and yet so unique and graceful. Unless they spit, then I pick....

"No credits please."

Q - How many hats do you own?

A - What an odd question from somebody I know that doesn't want to be mentioned by name...  Over 30?  How many do I wear?  None. Why?  Did you want a few?  Come over and get them then!!

Humberto & Claire

Q - What would you change about new Hollywood, specifically bars/night clubs, to make it better, what is missing?

A - I'M missing!  So much has changed!  The music, fashion, people...  I'm too out of touch to know.  Bars never interested me and I rarely go out to dance clubs anymore.  Bring back the GLAMOUR!!  Back "in my day" people put forth effort. A few clubs have tried to enact a dress code, but then they tend to go under because nobody wants to dress up (or even bathe) anymore!!

Andrew (the coolest guy in giant guitar country)

Q - Whats a Sham? and why do people rub its poo into their hair when they bathe?

A - Hmmm....  A "sham" is something fake or deceptive, and I wasn't aware that it could defecate, but if you are talking "shampoo" then I can wholeheartedly recommend it for it's cleansing properties.  Even for you Tennesseans!  hahaha


Q - Where did you grow up?

A - Like, Oh-my-god, the San Fernando Valley?

Q - How was your childhood?

A - Normal, I think. I always had a battle or an alliance with my brother and sister or neighborhood kids. We had pets, hobbies, school... I was a kid actor. It seemed more fun than ballet classes and you can only get to hapkido yellow belt every summer before school started again.


Q - What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?

A - There IS a monster that lives in my closet and under my bed.

Q - What questions are you asking yourself?

A - Why do people want to know some of this stuff? Has anyone read this far?  Am I done yet?

Q - What now?

A - To finish this website as part of my 12 point plan to rule the galaxy [insert sinister laughter here].


Q - what was your second grade teachers name?

A - Mr. Grizzel. He was tall and thin and had red hair and a beard. I got in trouble once for sneaking under his desk and drawing on the bottom of his shoe with a crayon. I remember a lot about that year, but my biggest lesson was that of secondary guilt. It was Valentine's Day and someone stole the M&M's off of a classmates desk! Mr. Grizzel lectured on and on about stealing and honesty. Even though I was innocent, I remember crying because I felt so bad that their candy was gone and that nobody would fess up or return them. My favorite assignment was a contest to see who could make the grossest recipe out of a pickle. The pizza pickle exploded on the bus ride to school and the bubble gum and peanut butter pickle won. Thanks to Mr. Grizzel, I still have a big honesty and fairness "thing" and pickles are still gross -- even plain.


Q - What's your most favourite outfit you've ever worn for a photoshoot?

A - The vintage metal mesh clown collar and dress for the Miller Genuine Draft "Blind Date" Campaign. It was HEAVY, and I had to be lifted onto the platform or the mesh would tear my stockings, but it was really GIANT and fun to wear.

Anthony in New York City

Q - I would like to know what you considered the best job that you ever got and why?

A - Tie.  Lorenzo Manetti let me in on the creative process by letting me write a joke or two for "Scrambled Eggs" and Gregg Araki's "This is How the World Ends" had SO many amazing people working on it, I think I went through withdrawal when the party was over.

Q - Worst?

A - Tie. Hole was definitely the worst I've ever been treated by other "talent" -- I use the term loosely. If I may be so candid, Courtney sure puts the Hole in "asshole." She made everyone else's job as impossible as possible with a crooked smile which I'm sure doesn't surprise anyone that's ever read about her or certainly worked with her. Vanessa Carlton was a nice girl but the video was the WORST experience I have ever had on a set in the 21 years I have been a actor. They wanted us to get in a worm and dead rat infested swamp at 5am, fully clothed, without a towel or hose in sight, "make-out" with all these strangers that they would pair us up with on the banks of this mudpit, on a hill of earwigs, and just general other torture. It was awful. They paid me extra to use my old muscle car as a "picture vehicle" but then asked people to get ON my car and dance (which did NOT happen). They wanted us back for a second day of shooting, but that was plenty for me. The story is endless, but those are the basics. I still shudder when that song comes on at the grocery store.


Q - What's your favorite breakfast cereal?

A - Fruity Pebbles (I think they keep the scurvy at bay). Life, Peanut Butter Panda Puffs with cinnamon and sugar on it or mixed with Reese's Puffs cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Honey Nut Cheerios. Raisin Bran just like my granny has. Oh, just gimme some cereal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Q - So what *do* you want to do anyway? What would be your dream job or dream life?

A - Candy taste tester by day and ninja by night? Or how about people laughing at my jokes for a living. So... a clown?! No, definitely not a clown! Hmmm.... I know! CASH CHECKS? Um, but MY checks, not like in a bank or something.


Q - Have you ever done or considered doing nude modeling?

A - You wish, Ken. You wish.


Q - Which is the best VNV song?

A - It rotates... but maybe "Arclight?" It gets me SO motivated!!! I think that the effect VNV Nation has on this stuffy LA scene is beyond amazing. It's like all of these uptight doomers are secretly transformed into giddy candy-ravers for the night and have no recollection that they were seen cheering, laughing, waving their arms, and sweating off their make-up masks.  I told Ronan that he's the Richard Simmons of the goth scene.  I hope we're still friends!

Q - Why do people have to always pretend they're awake when the phone rings, even if they're not? If someone says "did I wake you?", why do we invariably feel the need to say "No, I'm already up"?

A - Oh, Colin... If you weren't awake, you couldn't answer the phone and THEY didn't wake you, a ringing phone did!

Q - I recently read that scientists are splicing human genes with those of animals to create "chimeras". What do you think about a possible race of hyper-intelligent supermice doing our bidding?

A - Send a few my way. I have all this food that falls behind my stove while I cook, plus imagine the useful applications if I could teach them tricks, like how to clean the rest of my house...

Q - What's the deal with the girl who says "And you could be roaming!" with HUUUUUGE eyes in the cell phone commercial where the dog swallows the phone?

A - Anything but that horrid, screaching, Smart and Final child from the other commercials... "Get smaaaaart." Kill me!

Q - What has been your favorite hair color?

A - If I had a favorite, I could stick with just one!!!


Q - If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A - Burritos. Cue: Homer Simpson voice, "Mmmmm...... Burritos....."

Q - Where does gum come from?

A - Under the table, usually.

Jen / LadyBarker

Q - Molly, how hard is it to get into acting??

A - I would say it's really not that hard to try, but that "luck" is an unfortunate factor in succeeding.  Get professional photos as several different but marketable characters, take some classes, talk to working actors, get a few books on the subject, join an extra agency to hack away at your SAG vouchers, join the union ASAP, build a press kit to send out to agents, build your resume with classes if your don't have credits, learn to be a great money manager, and most of all, never let it get you down that there is ALWAYS someone younger, cuter, taller, thinner that will do the job naked and for free. Don't ever lower yourself just for some paycheck though because it's rare to make it back up the slippery slope. Casting directors know your resume better than you do and film and photos are forever (and could surface at any time), so never take a photo that can't be a billboard across the street from your grandma's house or put your name/face on a project that is not in the path of your goal.  And lastly, BREAK A LEG!!


Q - molly, why do you look more famous than european royalty, when you wear blue?

A - Ummmmm...........  yeah.


Q - you've done your fair share of music videos, whats your favourite dinasour?

A - Parasaurolophus

Darling Nicky

Q - Where do you get some inspiration for photoshoots?

A - Music, fashion, the drive to try something new, taking a good idea further...


Q - How do you surf the net?

A - With the oldest Mac outside of a museum!? I'm computer retarded. I couldn't "file share" if you were standing at my desk looking over my shoulder.  Basically, I am a loser and you should let me go cry in front of my amber screen now...

Q - Do you have stairs in your house?

A - MANY!  It's practically the only exercise I get anymore!!


Q - Have you ever wanted to be a ninja hitman with Napoleon Dynamite?

A - Idiot!  Duh, yeaaaahh. That'd be so frickin' sweet... *impossibly long, slack-jawed sigh*

Jake Davis - Photographer

Q - Where do see yourself in 5 years?

A - If I knew that I wouldn't worry so much!!!

Q - Why haven't you shot with Jake Davis more then you have? ; )

A - Because he's a total flake and never remembers when I've put time aside for him, JAKE.  hahaha  Double "; )"

Q - Have you embraced the Dark Side of the Force?

A - I embraced my dark side long, long ago (in a galaxy far, far away). And now that I have recovered my original Darth Vader night light, I'm pretty sure I rule both the dark and light side of the force, so you better watch your back... ; )


Q - What got you into modeling?

A - My acting agents.  It's really just acting for a different kind of camera.  It's MUCH easier to get it right when you are just concentrating on one single frame!!

Q - Making your clothes?

A - My grandma was a home economics teacher in the 30's. She gave me her machine (the oldest portable/electric Singer model made) and spent a great deal of time showing me how to use it and all the techniques of being a fine seamstress.  The machine really just goes back and forth (so buttonholes, strange fabrics, trim and stuff usually requires a lot of hand stitching). After spending all that time creating something, I have a hard time letting it go.  I'm not sure that the finished product would ever pay for my time, and mass production isn't me. Mostly I make stuff for myself or close friends. I always shudder at the idea of making something SUPER amazing for sale to someone that would wear it in the wrong size with flip flops and no make-up or something. Control Freak?  Sure...

Q - Do any of your friends ever get jealous?

A - Of WHAT exactly?  I struggle just like them.  I have successes just like them.  Most of my friends have been around me long enough to see the ups and downs, so they aren't fooled enough to be jealous of the good times or ditch me during the ruts!

Q - Will you do this forever?

A - I'm sure at some point not having a steady job or a planned career will get to me, but for now, I feel really lucky to have pulled it off this long.

Q - How long have you had this thrill?

A - I joined SAG in 1984 with the first interracial Barbie commercial -- I played the black girl.  Kidding...

Q - How do you think your work can impact the world?

A - Ummm...  I kinda doubt that...?  Perhaps I can be in a project that is so unforgettably horrible that movies will forevermore be banned off the face of the earth?

Psychic Katriana

Q - If you had a time machine, what on earth would you do with it?

A - EVERYTHING!!!  Jeez, I could cause SO much mischief with that thing, I'm not sure I could handle that kind of power.  But, oh... would it be fun!  Then, when I'm sick of having fun (yeah right) I would do the right thing and use it to further science's unsolved mysteries.

Q - What movies do you wish you got to play a part in?

A - Xanadu, Pretty in Pink (but only if Ducky and Andi got together at the end), the original Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Napoleon Dynamite, Some Kind of Wonderful, Challenge of the Lady Ninja, and anything with Sally Field or Johnny Depp.

John Koenig

Q - Is that your natural hair color?

A - Though it could sometimes be "natural" on someone, it is not on my head!! I've been coloring my hair since I was 11 -- light while the roots were dark and dark while the roots are now grey. (Thanks for the genes, Dad.) Diarrhea brown and grey will hopefully someday be in fashion...

Q - Do you have a favorite Irish drink? (beer, liqueur, whiskey?)

A - No thanks.  It's hip to be square. Besides, I'm a total lightweight. I could smell a beer cap and be naked in a pool of my own vomit, so I'm happy playing the designated driver. Whenever someone more responsible than me comes along, I'd be glad to let them hold my ponytail over the toilet after a night of something fruity or sweet - like a rum saturated Zombie!!

Q - Who is your favorite cartoon character?

A - Scooby Doo - the accidental crime solver!

Q - Actually, I want you to answer the Bernard Pivot questionnaire that's famed in recent times by James Lipton (Dean of the Master's Degree program at New York City's New School For Social Research) on the Bravo show "Inside the Actors Studio":

What is your favorite word?

A - Hope

Q - What is your least favorite word?

A - Delicious

Q - What turns you on?

A - Bean burritos.

Q - What turns you off?

A - People asking me what turns me on...

Q - What sound (or noise) do you love?

A - Laughing. Stock car races.  Rollerskates on gravel. Loud shoes walking across a spacious room.

Q - What sound (or noise) do you hate?

A - Screaming. Screeching. Squealing. Squishing. Chewing.

Q - What is your favorite curse word?

A - Crap. It's a phonetic masterpiece.

Q - What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

A - I would LOVE to wake up one day and be a ninja, but I don't want to have to learn it first. Maybe that's why I was a hapkido yellow belt three times and no further...

Q - What profession would you not like to participate in?

A - Anything boring, mean-spirited, or sleazy.  I'd rather be rejected doing something I want to do than accepted doing something I don't want.

Q - If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

A - "Oh, yes.  I have your table by the window to Hell reserved.  Right this way..."


Q - How would you have survived the black plague in the dark ages?

A - Perhaps you are making a joke about how I detest the smell of vinegar?  If it's between black death and rubbing vinegar all over myself, I'll take the plague, please.


Q - At what age did you decide you wanted to become an actress/model?

A - 30?  Because until then, it wasn't a conscious choice - just something I did.

Q - What is your dream role?

A - Playing MYSELF.

Q - If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?

A - Tie. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Jean Benet Ramsey

Pete /

Ethereal Toy Maker

Q - What's your ideal house?

A - A space that's cozy, warm, and safe.  A versatile place that can house a party full of friends or just me, a book, a dog, and some bon bons.  It would be close to everything, but set back from the chaos of the city.  I would have a room for each of my hobbies, plenty of workspace, and jacuzzi to soak it all off.  Oh, and a moat with some starving crocodiles would be just the touch...

Q - If you weren't persuing life the way you are currently what would you be doing instead?

A - Instead of pursuing life? No pursuing needed -- though food and air do help keep my life going a bit better than without.  Pull the plug! : D  You mean my career? I would love to be a karate instructor, candy taste-tester, or a spy on top secret missions!!

Q - What's the most fucked up thing you've ever done?

A - I killed Roy Orbison. You see, one day I carried an old, dusty record of his down to my mom and asked, "Isn't this guy dead yet?" He died the very next day! I haven't been charged for it yet, but my mom believes I'm responsible.

Q - What events in your life have made you think the way you do?

A - It's not one particular event that dictates my thoughts, but a mean average of many experiences with family, friends, music, life and such.  They fuel my opinions and direct my way of thinking one way over another. Isn't it the same with everyone??  Oh and as much as the "teen rebel" in me wanted to be nothing like my parents, I am JUST like my parents (only not quite as smart as my dad or funny as my mom, but I'm working on it).

Q - What could ensure that a third party be added to our current "democratic process"?


Q - Why does america lack culture the way it does?

A - I don't think America LACKS culture -- it's just younger and different than other cultures. We do have traditions in celebrations, clothing, food, lifestyle, entertainment, music, philosophy, etc. Levi's, rock n roll, and apple pie aren't exotic because we are used to it, but it is a part of our "culture." Maybe you need to take a trip elsewhere to see where you're from!

Q - Should movies and television be less geared towards the masses/getting money?

A - Absolutely not!  They pay my bills!!  There is plenty of television/movies that may be "geared towards the masses," but when I find something I don't like, I simply watch something else.  It's called "options" -- TV seems to have more channels than you could ever possibly watch nowadays and movie catalogs are infinite.  The programming is such because someone hopes it will be watched.  You can see with this new boom of reality shows that though many may complain about them, many MANY MANY more are actually tuning in.  The masses are supplying the necessary ratings for advertisers, networks, and production teams to get to work, cranking out more of the same.  Most people go into any business to make money (or at very least recoup their expenses in hopes of cashing in later on) and the entertainment industry is no different.  There is little anyone could do to try and change our wallet's intended Manifest Destiny!

Q - What do you think the afterlife is like?

A - I hope it's this giant party with all of the people you lost touch with and all of the people you didn't get to meet. Then there would be this way to find out secrets about your life. My first question would be, "What's the closest I came to death but didn't know it?" and my second, "What was the grossest thing I ate but didn't know it?"

Stephanie Pressman

Q - How did you get into spiders?

A - Growing up, I was drawn to things that my mother would hate (right, Mom?). I spent a lot of time learning about nature from my dad and always had a curiosity for science. I caught the first one on my doorstep and was fascinated as it grew, ate, shed, and eventually died in the glass jar I gave him. Then I began to collect spiders from all over -- friend's back yards, insect fairs, and even in underground sewage tunnels. My collection, interest, and knowledge just keeps growing and growing! Now, it's like having a much more impressive ant-farm to scare off the landlord.

Q - I wish I had an agent - you have any advice?

A - I know you've done some acting, Stephanie, so are you SAG? They have free lists of agents telling you what agents are out there and what they represent. Put together a press kit and send it to the agencies that would represent your "type." Then wait to hear from one!!! Or you could join the actors showcases. It can be costly and you may not get a response, but you can send a follow-up with the agents that saw you and bug them into signing you!!!


Q - I'd like to know the following: Do you believe the questions addressed in metaethics are fundamentally reducible to questions resolvable by applying those principles derived through discourse in the philosophy of language, or is the metaethics "project" truly rooted in metaphysics such that those who argue that something is either good or bad mean to suggest that good and bad exist in the world in the same way as do dirt, water, and gravity? Major bonus points for a creative response (sorry; I know I'm terribly boring, utterly uncreative, but looking back to my graduate work was the only way I was going to be able to come up with a question not related to the law [which would've been even stuffier]).

A - Upon first glance I wanted to answer "yes," but on further inspection I realize the answer is irrefutably and obviously, "orange." Upon second glance, this is entirely dependent upon one criteria: Do you believe that man is primarily a creature of choice or a product of their environment? This should follow suit to open to debate of whether or not the human psyche is inherently "good" or "bad"; whether we are truly capable of being socially responsible as individuals, or that we are of such small intellectual capacity that we must relegate governing and corrective powers to specific groups and individuals. This is, so to say, CAN we be free? Is there truly choice, and are we, in general, evolved enough or not to be responsible only to our selves? Extra bonus points will be given to Sam McPheeters-esque anti-democracy conspiracy theorists, and those that can quote the entire vocal sample bouquet of Ministry's "So What" in Latin.

Brother Luke

Q - You seem like a creative person. Doesn't it drive you CRAZY constantly living and acting out someone elses ideas, even if they really suck? I mean, whenever I am in WAL-MART and I see the pretty girl modeling those old ass granny panties or the talented actress in terrible B movies, you have to ask yourself...this shit is just like a normal job isn't it?

A - THANK YOU.  I LOVE this question because it's SO true.  I really am a professional puppet for other's ideas.  It's fine with me - I have many other hobbies to vent my true creativity.  And it really is a job.  You have to do your best to be professional, work hard, give the bosses what they want, and hope that the finished product is something you can use to get the next job.  The only real difference is that the majority of my job is trying to get more jobs.  It's not like in the old days where you would be under contract with a certain picture house for X amount of films.  I spend most of my time updating resumes, going on job interviews (auditions), sending out thank you's, taking classes, and writing checks to what-feels-like everyone in town for representation, photos, printing, unions, classes, audition clothes, and on and on.


Q - Why the dragon tattoo on your back, any meaning to it or just cool ink?

A - (smiles) I get this question all of the time! The tattoo is a FAKE!! Bryan Neoquark painted it on for the photo shoot we did together. I'm far too non-committal to have a REAL tattoo! I can just imagine being my grandma's age (98) with a giant dragon or some band logo 2 feet lower than it used to be... Yikes.

Q - Who started the nickname Creepy Molly? When, Where and Why?

A - I think my old neighbor Matt called me "Creepy Molly" because when I first moved across the hall from him, I had this giant wall unit packed full of aggressive and venomous tarantulas that scared some (but not him) out of playing over at my house... Jeez... It's just like having goldfish -- you keep them behind glass and try to remember to throw some food in once in a while...

Music by: Apoptygma Berzerk