My 32nd Birthday Party -- in Two Parts...

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Dancing, drinks, and cupcakes at a cool and creepy dance club - on my actual birthday!

Sunday, August 6th -- 10pm to 2am

Malediction Society @ 3100 Wilshire Blvd, LA - 2 blks east of Vermont - enter in back - lots of free street parking

<------- FREE B4 10:30 w/ printed pass to the LEFT! They were VERY generous granting ALL of us this pass, but you gotta be inside by 10:30 for it to work! 1 per person

More general club info, past photos, directions, etc. at their website!





Alrighty!!! Every year I usually trick my friends into coming to my house for my birthday party disguised as a house party. This year, however, is going to be different! A few of us birthday girls are taking the festivities to "the great outdoors" and having a giant beach party, Aug. 12!

Here's the nitty gritty:

WHO -- Birthday Kiddies Me, Remy, Maggie, ADD YOUR NAME AND LINK BY EMAIL!

WHAT TO BRING CHECKLIST -- Towel, beach shoes (the sand gets HOT), squirt guns, sunblock, sunglasses, money, coolers of soda or extra water, swimsuit, camera, mini sand shovels and pails, umbrellas, harpoons.

WHAT NOT TO BRING: Presents? I'd be far more "wowed" if you came down and hung out with me then bought me some obligational trinket. If you really have to, I'm sure I'd love a cold root beer or if you did a cartwheel for me! Also, NO alcohol, wool ski sweaters, or glass jars of mayonaise you usually like to bring to a scorching beach outing.

WHEN -- SATURDAY, AUGUST 12th, 2006 -- 2pm to 7pm

WHERE -- right on Venice Beach @ the BREAKWATER / nearest inland address 1400 Ocean Park between Market St & Windward Ave / by the graffiti towers, skate park, & just 1/2 a psuedo "block" north of Muscle Beach. There are TONS of places to park, eat, shop for crap, take a crap, and even shower if you really want to impress me...

WHY -- Mostly because my skin has not seen the light of day in a decade (nor have I been to the beach in eons) and I got the cutest birthday bathing suit on ebay:

Only on me it's more like a combination of:


SERIOUSLY - the ocean breeze HAS to be better than roasting in this recent unbearable LA inferno!

Besides, Venice Beach is like Hollywood only dirtier and more eccentric.


And now for a few more images to get you in the mood:


I need 3 of these right now.

Now THAT'S masculine.

This gut looks to me like it's going to say or eject something, no?

Even the locals are friendly at Venice Beach!

See! Sunburns age you -- she didn't have that grey hair before!

Nothing's more festive than a sunburn pelted with hot sea water!

Minus the football and cheesy 80's gals, I swear this is my friend Sam.

So bad you can almost smell it.

All swim caps will recieve free worship for the duration of the event.


Please come! This is the oldest I've ever been!!!! : )