Molly Brenner

HT: 5'7" WT: 135 HAIR: Varies! EYES: Blue-Green
DRESS: 8 SHOE 8 MEASUREMENTS: 38-27-37 BRA: 34D CORSET: 22-24"

Music by: Bel Canto

SCRAMBLED EGGS Glass Beach Entertainment Dir. Lorenzo Manetti
HILLSIDE STRANGLER Constant Howling Prod. Dir. Charles Parello
KNEE HIGH PRIVATE EYE Comedy Central Dir. Troy Miller
TIME COP II Universal Pictures Dir. Stephen Boyum


Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty Oxygen Prod: Hallock, Healey, Doherty
This is How the World Ends MTV Dir. Gregg Araki 
The Parkers UPN Dir. Tony Singletary
Hidden Hills NBC Dir. Bob Berlinger 
Primetime Glick Comedy Central Dir. Paul Flaherty
Judging Amy Fox Dir. Keith Samples
Even Stevens Disney Channel Dir. Savage Steve Holland
David Cross "The Pride is Back" HBO Dir. Troy Miller   
"It's Your Line" w/ Ben Stiller MS Benefit Dinner MS Benefit Dinner
The Hanged Man/Internet Produced: David Goyer
The Bob Show w/ Bob Saget Bob Saget /Dakota N. Dir. Troy Miller   
I'm Telling - Pilot Pilot Saban Entertainment
Fear Of A Punk Planet/Internet DEN / Internet Digital Enternainment Network
Mr. Show with Bob and David Dakota North Entertainment Dir. Troy Miller   
That 80s Show Fox Dir. Terry Hughes
Sorority Dakota North Entertainment Dir. Troy Miller


TAG TEAM LOVEFEST 2000 Actor's Gang Theater Dir. JR Reed
BUGSY MALONE Hidden Hills Theater
Dir. Brooke Bundy
ZZZzzz... Hidden Hills Theater
Dir. Brooke Bundy
GREASE Hidden Hills Theater
Dir. Ann Monahan
CATS Hidden Hills Theater
Dir. Ann Monahan
OLIVER Hidden Hills Theater
Dir. Ann Monahan
Arleen Flores Runway Model Santa Monica College
Bang MC The World
Beat It MC Henry Fonda Theatre
Coven 13 Carnival Siamese Twin Joseph Brooks
Driftwood Worst Drummer Ever Emocore Punk Band
Egyptian Theatre Choreographer Grand Reopening
Fear Cult Tits, Costumes, & Keyboards Cheesy Goth Band
Fetish Ball 2005 MC Key Club
Fetish Disco Host El Rey Theater
Gina Gikini Choreographer / Model Lipstick Productions
Halloween Masquerade Ball MC Key Club
Jared Gold Black Chandelier Runway Model Jared Gold
Jet Rag Runway Model Lipstick Productions
Plastik Wrap Runway Model Donna Ricci / Wicked Talent
Red Lily Bass Guitar Shoegazer Band
Retail Slut Creative Director/ Runway Helen Bed
Sebastian Hair Care X-TAH US Tour / Dancer Sebastian International
Studio 54 Premier Party Dancer Raleigh Studios
Syren Choreographer / Model Lipstick Productions


American Crew Catalog & Magazine Usage David Racccuglia
Big Star Jeans Overseas Catalog Michel Compte
Bikini Magazine Editorial  Mark Lipson
Black Phoenix Online Catalog Veronica O'Neil
Bust Magazine Pictorial Emily Shur
Chesterfield Cigarettes Overseas Advertisement Philip Morris
Cisco Systems Magazine Usage  Cisco Systems
Dagger Sunglasses Magazine Usage Dagger 
Detour Magazine Editorial Lamuel Punderson Online Catalog Online Catalog Ken Marcus
Kodak Magazine Usage Kate Turning
Lovely Creature Corsetry Catalog Robyn Swank
Macy's West In Store & Internet Macy's
Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) "Blind Date" Campaign Kate Turning
Newgrave Magazine Editorial & Article Matt Riser
Perversion Club Flyer Marc Mez
Pirate Cat Radio Merchandise Catalog Monkey Man Internet Moshe Brahka
Retail Slut Catalog Cover Girl  Blake Monson
Savage Magazine Pictorial Marcus Cuff
Sebastian Intl. X-TAH US Tour Sebastian Intl.
Sony X-plod Magazine Usage Sony
Source Magazine Editorial with Ice Cube Source Magazine
Swedish Postal Service Stamp Campaign Swedish Postal Service
Texarcana Catalog Cover Girl Helen Bed
Timex Magazine & Billboard Usage Moshe Brahka
Toyota "Everyday People" Campaign Saachi & Saachi
Up In Arms Catalog Atsushi
Versatile Fashions Catalog Ken Marcus
Widow Wear Catalog & Spokesperson Jake Davis

AFLAC, American Express, Barbie, Back Talk, Bud Light, Budweiser, Burger King, Captain Crunch / Tidal Wave Gum, Cingular Wireless, Coca Cola, Del Taco, Gateway Computers, George Forman Grill, Heineken, Hi-C, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Magic Mountain, McDonalds, Mercedes Benz, Miller Genuine Draft,, Nintendo, Polaroid I-Zone, Propel, Samuel Adams, Sears Appliances, Sony, 7up, Toys R Us, Twix, XM Radio.


Bosson, The Calling (Dir. Nigel Dick), Vanessa Carlton (Dir. Marc Klasfeld), Cleopatra, Cold, Courtney Love (Dir. Chris Milk), Dexter Freebish, Divine, Elton John (Dir. Nigel Dick), Eminem, Goo Goo Dolls (Dir. Nancy Bardawil), Green Day (Dir. Mark Kohr), Hole (Dir. Nancy Bardawil), Carole King, Lenny Kravitz (Dir. Paul Hunter), LL Cool J (Dir. Paul Hunter), Mephisto Odyssey/Static-X (Dir. Curt Geda), Mandy Moore, Mr. Pacman (Dir. Gavin Hignight), N' Sync, Paul Okenfold/Crazy Town (Dir. Honey), Tito & the Tarantulas (Dir. Tito Larriva), Trebel Charger, Wallflowers, Wheatus, and MANY others.


Audition Techniques / Cold Reading Melissa Skoff
Cold Reading / Scene Study Brooke Bundy
Cold Reading / Scene Study Terrance Hines
Improv & Cold Reading Cliff O'Connell & LACC
Cold Reading / Scene Study The Poor Loser Coalition
Commercial Workshop Tepper - Gallegos


* I have raised over 10,000 black widow spiders for my unique jewelry line, Widow Wear.
* I collect and create amazing costumes to arouse, amuse, and horrify.
* I like to play with dolls, poisonous insects, cameras, antique medical equipment, and guns.
* I'm a budding Meryl Streep with accents, Rain Man of memorization, Bettie Page of flirtation, and Jackass of comedy. Ask me to cry, wink, or burp for you.
* I am a one woman circus without a tent and I'm here because I want this. Gimme.